Anthony Michael Pérez

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My Name is Anthony and I want to say hello to you

Septiembre / September 12, 2003
8:37 A.M.
5 Lb 15 Oz
17 ½ Pulgadas / Inches

El día en que Nació / On His Birth Day

Now I can rest Baby at work Do not disturb ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ What do you mean by Time to wake up?
I part it on the middle I love you Where am I?

I had dream

That I was going to meet my Daddy And you know what

I did, I did

Finally we got to meet.

The itsy bitsy spider

Ups! I just farted

hum, hum, hum good

Peek a Boo
Pst, do you want to hear a secret

I want to sleep

I need to be changed ok Gramma it is your turn

So that is what you look like

I love you mommy

Where did all these people came from?


I want to sing

You want me to start?

Spanish or English?

Cuando Llora un Corazon


We make a great Duo

But don't give up your day job