My Name is Antonio and I want to say hello to you
13 de Agosto del 2001
9:03 P.M.
8 Lb 8 Oz
20 3/4 Pulgadas / Inches

Momentos antes de Nacer / Moments prior his Birth

T - 12 Hours & Counting

Grand Central Station at Rush Hour

And away we Gooooo

I slept in a Holiday Inn last night


Al momento de nacer / At the moment of Birth

WHERE AM I ????????????

El día en que Nació / On His Birth Day
Primeros 15 minutos / First 15 minutes

I want my mommy Haven't you ever seen a naked man before? Please No RAP music Lady, what are you going to do with that thing in your hand?
I want my bottle I asked for Bourbon and they gave me Vodka From where did all these people came from ?

Baby at work, do not disturb


Finally the Rock has come back to West Palm Beach

Antonio's adoring fan club

De 15 a 45  minutos / 15 to 45 minutes

I am a lucky guy I love you Mommy

So. this is what you look like

Finally we got to meet.

Who is this guy?

Ok, if you feed me I'll let you sleep

Geee, this guy looks like fun

Grampa, you can't imagine how rough it was.
Pssst! Lady can you help me get back in?

Is this my Grandma?

Does that tickle? Grandma, It wasn't me who farted

Goody another Grandma

I am going to have a ball with two grandmas

WOW! A big Grandma

Take me out to the ball game


I am too tired to poop


1, 2, 3  the winner and new champion