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Concerning Alienage

ART. 19. Aliens residing in the territory of the Republic shall be considered as equal to Cubans:

1st. With regard to the protection of their persons and their goods.

2nd. With regard to the enjoyment of rights recognized in this Constitution, with the exception of those granted exclusively to nationals.

The Government, nevertheless, has the power to oblige an alien to leave the national territory in the cases and in the form stipulated by law.

In the case of an alien who has a Cuban family established in Cuba, a judicial decree of expulsion is required, in conformity with the stipulations of the laws on this matter.

The law shall regulate the organization of associations of aliens, without permitting discrimination against the rights of Cubans who may have membership in them.

3rd. With regard to the obligation of respecting the socio-economic system of the Republic.

4th. With regard to the obligation of observing the Constitution and the law.

5th. With regard to the obligation of contributing to the public expenses in the form and to the amount provided by law.

6th. With regard to submission to the jurisdiction and decisions of the tribunals of justice and the authorities of the Republic.

7th. With regard to the enjoyment of civil rights, under the conditions and within the limitations prescribed by law.

TITLE IV   1940 Constitution

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