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Concerning the Vice-President of the Republic

ART. 147. There shall be a Vice-President of the Republic who shall be elected in the same form and for the same period of time as the President, and jointly with him. To be Vice-President it is necessary to have the same qualifications that this Constitution prescribes for the President.  

ART. 148. The Vice-President of the Republic shall replace the President in cases of absence, incapacity, or death. If the vacancy should be permanent, the substitution shall continue until the termination of the presidential term. In case of the absence, incapacity, or death of both, the president of the Congress shall substitute for them for the rest of the term.  

ART. 149. In any case in which the presidential substitutes established by this Constitution should be lacking, the oldest Magistrate of the Supreme Tribunal shall occupy the presidency of tile Republic in the interim, and shall call national elections within a period of not more than ninety days.

In case the vacancy should occur within the last year of the presidential term, the substitute Magistrate shall hold the office until the end of the term.

The person occupying the presidency in any of the substitutions referred to in the preceding articles may not be a presidential candidate for the next election.  

ART. 150. The Vice-President of the Republic exercises the presidency of the Senate, and shall have a vote only in case of a tie.

The Vice-President shall receive a salary from the State that may be altered at any time, but no change shall have effect until the presidential term following that in which such change may have been granted.

TITLE XII   1940 Constitution

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