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Cuban Cooking

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If you have any typical Cuban recipes that are not found in these sections and wish to contribute it, you can do so by sending me an Email.

Cuban cooking is a combination of African, Spanish and Natives cooking methods and ingredients. Spaniards brought many products to Cuba, among them the sesame seeds, cumin, peanuts, okra, rice, yams, corn, squash, sugar cane and others.

To cook exactly as it appear on these pages is not the way a Cuban would do it. The recipes in these pages can be modified to your taste, if you are a cook and want to experiment then these pages are made for you.

In the same way that the Spaniards introduced cumin to us, Africans introduced us to the culinary mortar, we use cumin in fishes, meat, soups, rice and with other foods. Garlic is one of the most common ingredients and is known around the world. Onions and peppers are also found in our recipes, Fruits and vegetable fried in  oil are very popular in Africa.

The amount of salt in the different recipes is optional since the other ingredients should suffice, but Cubans we always use it, but feel free to omit it if you wish

I will be using the original Cuban name and their equivalent translation to many products and recipes. I will try to be as accurate as possible.

This section is divided into the following areas where you will find recipes, explanations and suggestion.

Cuban Cooking





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