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Praying for Cuba

Are you willing to pray to see change?

Only persistant prayer holds the key that is able to free Cuba.  
Please pray for Cuba daily and fast on Thursday mornings.  
If you can, gather with other believers and corporately pray.  
Please pass the word on!

Bill y Maria Warren

From Cuba, you can hear the great howling of the people calling on God, The Father.  
Conversions to Christianism from atheism, santeria, witchcraft , and idol worship are taking place.  
The Holy Spirit is pouring out love and hope in the midst of a desperate situation.  
Can we be so hard of heart that we do not want to listen and respond to the outcry of the Cuban people asking for prayer? 
The Lord wants to free these people from their bondage, physically and spiritually. 
Are we so desirous of a change in Cuba that we would be willing to seriously pray?

Only persistant prayer holds the key that is able to free Cuba
with governmental freedom and spiritual revival.
Are we willing and ready to make such a small sacrifice such as prayer?

If your answer is "Yes," please start asking the Lord to:

(If you are Cuban):  Help us to forgive in our hearts the people that have hurt us, as well as the things we have harbored toward the Cuban leaders, and our past wounds.

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